Get your Resume Professionally Prepared today. It is the best Investment you can make.

Resume Writing & Cover Letter

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You will receive one (1) Tailored, Professional & Unique Resume as well as one (1) Tailored Cover Letter.

You’ve spent thousands on your Degrees & Professional Certifications. Invest in Your Resume too.

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You will receive one (1) Tailored, Professional & Unique Resume as well as one (1) Tailored Cover Letter. 


You have solid professional qualifications, years of relevant career experience. You have applied for hundreds of jobs, sent out your Resume to tons of HR, but you have not received any calls for interviews. What is wrong?


Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Managers receive hundreds of applications for a single position everyday. They do not have the time go read through each and every 10 page resume they receive. Their priority is get people to fill the vacancies they have FAST.


You need a Stand-out Resume, that says why exactly you are the Best Person to do this job for the company.


Get your Resume professionally written by Resumes Central’s experts. Each and every resume written by our Experts are tailored to the jobseeker’s unique career goals and experience.


How it Works


Stage 1: Forward to your dedicated Resumes Central Career Coach, your existing CV (if any) together with any other career-related information (testimonials, professional courses, etc).


Stage 2: We will take the time to understand your career goals and needs. Having the job description of a role that interest you will be useful.


Stage 3: All the relevant information will be crafted to present you in the best possible light for Your Ideal Position. Some areas in your resume we will cover include the following.


Stage 3A – We will work to perfect your professional summary. The professional summary is the first thing that the recruiter/HR will read and it is important that we get it 100% right.


Stage 3B – We will work on your core competencies/key skills. Among other purposes, a comprehensive list of your core competencies is to ensure that your resume will stand out when companies use Applicant Track Software to filter and shortlist candidates.


Stage 3C – We will work on your career history ensuring your strengths and accomplishments are significantly improved so that it will reflect your seniority and experience.


Stage 3D – A first, preliminary draft will be sent to you for your review.


Stage 4: This is the part where we further refine your Resume with any feedback that you may have from the earlier versions.


Stage 5: Mission Completed and you have yourself, a polished, tailored and professional Resume! Time to get hired.


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