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Resume Format Change


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Have Your Resume Format Updated by Resumes Central!

Is your resume format old fashioned, boring or just plain unimpressive?


In today’s competitive job market, it is no longer sufficient to possess the industry experience and professional certifications. To stand out from a sea of highly qualified job applicants, you have to develop a strong personal brand. This can only be achieved with the help of professional career experts.


As a Singapore-based Executive Career Services Provider, our Team is able to offer practical, relevant advice in the development of your professional, personal brand with regards to your career goals in the Singapore & Asian job market.


The first step in the development of your personal brand is the preparation of a well designed resume.


The Resume Format Change Process


Stage 1 Format Selection

In this stage, we will work with you to select the most suitable design for your desired industry, job function as well as seniority. We can work with any Resume Format or Resume Template that you provide, or you can use one of our in-house templates!

Once the resume format has been agreed upon, work on your format change will commence.


Stage 2 Format Update

We will convert your existing resume to the selected format. You can let us know if you wish for the order of the sections to be rearranged, as well as any other preferences.

At this stage, a first draft will be sent to you for your review.


Stage 3 Review & Finalisation

During this stage, we will review the prepared document (s) in close consultation with you, and make any final changes.

Your resume is ready and you are ready to score interviews!




Have a question about our Premium Career Services? Email us at cv@resumes-central.com and our Resume Team will respond to you shortly.

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