VIP Package – Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

VIP Package – Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile


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Have Your Resume Written by Professional Resume Writers!

Whether you are a young professional, a mid-career employee, or a seasoned industry expert, you deserve to find a better job and land your dream post. Use your work experience and hard-earned skills to advance your career! To stand out from a sea of highly qualified job applicants, you have to develop a strong personal brand. This can only be achieved with the help of professional career experts.

Our professional resume writing service can be your best weapon to win the stiff job market. The first step in the development of your personal brand is the preparation of a well-prepared resume.

We will work with you to distillate your key contributions & achievements, management style & areas of expertise into a concise, impactful document that translates to interviews. We will ensure that your professional summary, areas of expertise and contributions in your career history shine through.

You will receive an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant resume that helps you get the interviews you deserve.

The Resume Writing Process

We will focus on the following 3 key areas in a progressive step by step approach

1) Perfect your Professional Summary Statement.

2) Perfect your core competencies information to improve your call-to-interview rate.

3) Go into details on your achievements and value-add for your previous employers

Stage 1 Understanding You to bring out your Best Career Positioning

In this stage, we will take the time to understand your career history, key strengths, leadership style as well as personal goals and aspiration. Do send your existing resume as well as any other career documents to us. It will be best if you are also able to provide the job description of the role(s) that you are interested in.

Stage 2 Resume Development

It is essential to have a clear objective and strategy in the development of your resume. We will set the tone and direction of your career document in this stage. These are the following focus sections that we will work on:

Focus Section (1): Executive Summary

Let us think about the perspective of the recruiter/Hiring Manager. He/she is seeking a candidate who fits a job description and can bring value to an organization. We will make his/her job easier by preparing an impactful introduction, that summarises your experience, qualifications and key functional strengths that will get you shortlisted.

Focus Section (2): Areas of Expertise

Having your areas of expertise with the relevant and correct areas of expertise will ensure your resume score well in resume processing engines, otherwise known as applicant tracking systems (ATS). If you need us to explain how ATS works and how it can affect you being shortlisted, drop us an email with your resume to find out more.

Focus Section (3) Key Contributions

You are being hired for what you can do for the company. In this focus area, we will work on highlighting your key contributions in your past roles. Your leadership qualities will also be emphasized upon.

At this stage, a first draft will be sent to you for your review.

Stage 3 Evaluation of Career History

We will meticulously evaluate the content, quality and effectiveness of the details of your job history. What are the details that should be included and what should not be? This is what we improve for you. Some candidates include excessive detail, while others erred in the opposite extreme. Achieving a perfect balance will be our chief objective here.

Stage 4 Review & Finalisation

During this stage, we will review the prepared document (s) in close consultation with you, and make any final changes.  As the resume is a very personal document, we always ensure that the tone and language used reflects the individual.

Your resume has been completed and you are ready to get the interviews!

Have Your Cover Letter Crafted by Your Professional Resume Writer!

When should I get a cover letter? A cover letter is needed if you intend to make applications via email as the content in the cover letter can be used in the introductory email. Never send in an email application without an introduction and setting the tone.

Including a professionally written, carefully thought out Cover Letter will ensure that you do not lose out to other candidates who submit their applications with complete documentation.

A Cover Letter also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your sincerity and enthusiasm for the job role. This complements the experience and qualifications highlighted in your resume.

The Cover Letter Writing Process

Stage 1 Information Gathering & Consultation

Your dedicated Consultant will spend some time understanding your career profile, experience, qualifications and aspirations. It will be good if you are able to provide the job description of the role(s) that you are interested in.

Stage 2 Formulation of Cover Letter

Armed with the information provided, our team will prepare a professional Cover Letter for you

Stage 3 Completion

Your Cover Letter has been completed and you are ready to score interviews!

Linkedin Profile Optimization Services

Why use a Professional LinkedIn Profile Writing Service? LinkedIn is different from a CV but just as important.

Active Job search – Get an advantage over other applicants with an Optimised LinkedIn Profile.

When you apply for an opening, there is an 82% possibility that the recruiter or hiring manager will search for you on LinkedIn to find out more.

Passive Job search – Get Headhunted!

Recruiters and Hiring Managers will search on Linkedin for candidates that may suit any opening they may have. Remember these could be openings which are not yet or may not be advertised. Having an optimized LinkedIn Profile will boost your chances of getting headhunted.

Either way, having a professionally written profile makes this much more likely, dramatically increasing your chances of getting the job you want. A fully optimized profile can be the difference between missing out on the perfect opportunity and getting the key advantage in your career

With millions of recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn, it represents one of the best ways to reach out to improved employment opportunities. But working on your own profile does not guarantee recruiter connections.

However, a scientific and tested method using on our proprietary RAVE strategy that is based on our unique experience and data on what recruiters search for will increase the likelihood of you being headhunted making it the perfect choice for an executive wishing to be ‘on the radar’ for a new role.

What does our LinkedIn profile writing service include?

We’ll give your profile an overhaul. We will:

Research and provide search engine optimised keywords so that recruiting managers can easily find you

Re-write your profile in the first person narrative

Provide an enticing summary that captures who you are, what you are doing and what you want from your career

Make sure your profile has calls to action so that you get contacted

1) Strategy & Goals

Before we start optimizing your LinkedIn profile, we must first know your strategy & goals.

There are three common objectives when professionals decide to step up your online presence on Linkedin.

a) Open Job Search – You are looking for a job openly and hope to start really soon.
b) Stealth-Mode Job Search – You are currently employed and do not really want your bosses, colleagues, clients to know you are looking for improved career opportunities.
c) Professional Networking – Many professionals use LinkedIn to keep in contact with others and to help them succeed in their current position as well as generate business leads.

2) Information Gathering

With your goal and your target audience in mind, we then gather your background information This will help determine your

• Career Trajectory
• Background & Expertise
• Accomplishments & Successes
• Unique value and differentiation

3) Your Professional Story

Understanding your background, we craft your unique professional story in a manner that engages your audience & compels them to reach out to learn more.

Utilizing a conversational, narrative approach, your LinkedIn profile will provoke confidence & credibility while showcasing you as a high-level professional.

The LinkedIn Profile Preparation Process

Stage 1 Information Gathering & Consultation

In this stage, we will take the time to understand your career history, key strengths, leadership style as well as personal goals and aspiration. Do send your existing resume & LinkedIn Profile URL (if available) to us. It will be best if you are also able to provide the job description of the role(s) that you are interested in.

Stage 2 LinkedIn Profile Development

Armed with the information provided, our team will prepare a professional, search engine optimised, LinkedIn Profile for you consisting of the following sections:

LinkedIn Headline

A powerful headline that conveys to HR managers & recruiters what you do & who you are at a single glance, grabbing their attention.

LinkedIn Summary

An executive summary that covers your professional history, achievements & contributions, core expertise, qualifications among other pertinent information.

Latest/ Current Role

An overview of the responsibilities/duties you held or currently hold as well as notable contributions at this position.

The LinkedIn profile will be provided to you in a Microsoft Word Document.

Stage 3 Transfer the Information to Your Profile

Copy and paste the information in the provided document into your LinkedIn Profile and you are all set to be headhunted!

*Due to LinkedIn T&Cs disallowing third-party access to personal profiles, we are unable to access your profile on your behalf.

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