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Reference Letter


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Reference Letter

The Reference Letter is usually used in the following scenarios:

  1. It can be used in your job search to add value to your Resume & LinkedIn Profile.
  2. It can be used in undergraduate/ graduate applications to Institutions of Higher Learning such as Universities
  3. It can be used for Applications for Singapore Permanent Residency

An employment testimonial letter is a document that summarises an employee’s abilities, accomplishments, duties, and work ethic during his or her time with a particular employer.

Generally, a recommendation letter summarises your experience, skills, and personality.

Why are Reference Letters Important?

Employer Testimonial & Reference Letters are positive endorsements of your professional strengths and personal traits and allow your employer or reader to gain a deeper understanding of your capabilities.

People who have collaborated with you professionally can offer the best insights into your work ethic and personality traits. More than just empty self-claims, your prospective employer wants to know what others think of you.

The employer’s perception of you will be enhanced. As a result, catapult you to one of their top choices.

The Reference Letter Writing Process

Stage 1 Information Gathering & Consultation

Your dedicated Consultant will spend some time understanding your career profile, experience, qualifications and aspirations. You may need to provide information on the referee and his/her working relationship with you.

Stage 2 Formulation of Employer Recommendation & Testimonial Letter

With the information provided, our team will prepare a professional Recommendation Letter for you.

Stage 3 Completion

Your Employer Testimonial Letter has been completed, and you are ready to score interviews!

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