Permanent Resident (PR) Application Cover Letter

Permanent Resident (PR) Application Cover Letter


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Have Your Permanent Resident(PR) Cover Letter Crafted by our team of professional expert writers

A Singapore PR cover letter or personal profile document helps form the first impression from you of the ICA officer. They may not have time to delve deeply and slowly figure out who you are, so you need to connect the dots for them in an effective manner.  It also shows you have put additional effort into your application as well as demonstrates your commitment and sincerity.

The success of a Singapore PR/Citizenship application can be substantially enhanced by a well-written cover letter or personal profile.


What should the cover letter or personal profile document include?

  1. The cover letter for a Singapore PR application should include a brief introduction to the applicant. It should also include the applicant’s name and FIN number, as well as his or her background, such as his or her country of origin.
  2. It is also necessary for the applicant to explain the reasons for moving or migrating to Singapore as part of the application.  These reasons include the Singapore education system, stability, economic opportunities, and security.
  3. The applicant should explain how he or she plans to live in Singapore. An asset and financial plan should be included in the plan as a demonstration of commitment to a long-term residence in Singapore.
  4. The cover letter/profile document should include information about the applicant’s educational background, career history, and ongoing efforts to learn new skills.
  5. It is also important to include the applicant’s past and current work experience, information about their employer, and professional achievements in the career history.
  6. Applicants should highlight and include their social contributions to the Singaporean community in their application. A listing of endorsements, donations to recognized charitable organizations, or completed or ongoing volunteer work can be included.


The Permanent Resident(PR) Cover Letter Writing Process

Stage 1 Information Gathering & Consultation

Your dedicated Consultant will spend some time understanding your background, professional experience, qualifications and aspirations. You will be required to complete a questionnaire relating to these information.

Stage 2 Formulation of Permanent Resident Cover Letter

Armed with the information provided, our team will prepare the Permanent Resident Cover Letter for you

Stage 3 Completion

Your Cover Letter has been completed and you are ready for your PR application Submission


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