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LinkedIn Profile

Need to get your Linkedin Profile done?

There are three common objectives when professionals decide to step up your online presence on Linkedin.

a) Open Job Search – You are looking for a job openly and hope to start really soon.

b) Stealth-Mode Job Search – You are currently employed and do not really want your bosses, colleagues, clients to know you are looking for improved career opportunities.

c) Professional Networking – Many professionals use LinkedIn to keep in contact with others and to help them succeed in their current position as well as generate business leads.

Which of the above is your objective? Let us know and our Linkedin Profile Optimisation Service will help you achieve these objectives.

How is it done? What does the service include?

The Linkedin Professional Optimisation Service includes:

1) LinkedIn Headline – Clear & Succinct Headline that describes your professional experience within 120 characters (LinkedIn limit)

2) LinkedIn Summary – An impactful section that covers

a) summary of your professional experience,

b) your current role,

c) personal working style, character, and traits,

d) educational qualifications and

e) how to get in touch with you

3) Current / Latest Job – Concise section on your role, responsibilities, and achievements.

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